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Stolen: 1960's (?) gold Omega Seamaster

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  • Stolen: 1960's (?) gold Omega Seamaster

    Hi all, not a regular here but had my watch stolen yesterday during a burglary and was pointed here as a good place to lodge a missing old watch.

    Item name: Omega Seamaster
    Date stolen: 30 July 2013
    Last known location, my house in Island Bay, Wellington.

    I think it was a Calender model Like this one

    Police contact Stephen Wang, Wellington Central

    It was 18 carat gold I think. One of those details I never really bothered to note down. The watch was a gift from my fater-in-law. It has an inscrpition on the back which is thanking someone for their long servie to a company. But I can't remember the details. The message was half worn off and faded as it was so long ago. There will probably be only one watch like this with a message like that in the country I would guess.

    Anyway, would appreciate it if you fine folk keep your eyes out for it. I've had it for 15 years and it is in really good condition.

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    Welcome mate sorry to hear of your loss but you've posted in the right place and all members will be on the lookout. By posting this you just increased your chances of recovery by several thousand percent wish you well
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      that sucks mate, if you can remember anything about it it would help. otherwise we could be pointing you in all sorts of directions. example: this one just popped up on TM.. note, im not saying this is the one!! just an example of how close it is with little to go on.

      as you can see, gold, similar type and era and a half worn message on the caseback! we will look as we are geeks and nerds and would like nothing more than to do our bit to help. if you find a picture of you wearing it or remember a detail let us know and we will see.
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        Thanks guys. That is damn close deerworrier, thanks for pointing out I lack detail. The message on mine was longer, covering most of the back and I had the model with calender (number of the day of the month dial) on the right side of the face. Had a black leather strap, but they are easily replaceable.