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Gold-Plated OMEGA Seamaster ~1962 with engraving - long lost

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  • Gold-Plated OMEGA Seamaster ~1962 with engraving - long lost


    I am trying to track down a used gold-plated Omega Seamaster watch on behalf of a friend. It originally belonged to his father who was given it sometime in 1962.

    The back is engraved with a name or initials and the year 1962.

    The watch was lost in Auckland around 2000/2001 (yes, I know!). It had a lot of sentimental value to the family as you can imagine, but I don’t think they believe they’ll ever find it again. I guess I’m chasing a happy ending for them. A long-shot, I know. But you never know till you try.

    If you ever come across it can you please let me know? I’d appreciate having the first option to buy it, or at least being able to pass that option on to the family.