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All Blacks sign with Swiss watch maker

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  • All Blacks sign with Swiss watch maker

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    Lucky All Blacks!
    Black Bay Dark's all around by the look of things...
    Must be stoked they didn't sign with Casio
    My karma ran over your dogma


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      Lucky All Blacks!


      The only rugby and watch connection I've noticed before is this poster that I see whenever I visit my local watchmaker:

      Black Bay Dark seems to line up pretty well marketing wise. I'd never considered All Blacks and all black watches before, but there's some untapped potential here. Omega Dark Side of the Moon would have been pretty sweet. Maybe a Heuer Dark Lord to cover vintage?

      Those unfamiliar with the All Blacks and Rugby Union might be confused about the first image on the Tudor 'site, Aaron Cruden's looking pretty intense :


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        I was quite a fan of this one.

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          Cripes! Another one. I really must get out more.

          The explanation of the moko dial seems a bit culturally confused 'Lost in translation' perhaps.

          I like the engraving on this watch more, even though it's still a bit confused: Maori theme from an NZ outfit :thumbup: but Magrette sounds French and as far as I can tell Leoncino means Lion cub in Italian A multicultural timepiece.

          Beaut engraving all the same:


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            Oh good they didn't sign with HAKA warehouse brand then.


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              im pretty sure if i paid the NZ rugby union enough they would be proud to share in my morning clean out! from all the breakfast cereal, vitamin pills & energy/recovery drinks i need to consume to be a top athlete. so long as they arrived before i jumped into my built for kiwi conditions ute, covered in aluminium flakes to make sure i dont smell through the day while being a staunch tradie
              “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.”

              Despite having the numbers, there is the crazy man in the mountains that none of the tribes will go near!
              Always aim to be that man.