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Paul Newmans Daytona $24m nz

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  • Paul Newmans Daytona $24m nz

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    I watched to live feed, it went from an opening bid of 1million to the second bid of 10milion stalled at 12 then crept up to 15.5! lot of rich folks out there.
    I don't think we will ever see the likes of these watches again, the Paul Newman, buzz aldrins speedy, the pogue, Hillary's smiths/rolex and the likes. these were watches bought or worn by blokes because they liked them or issued as a (maybe some hint of publicity but not blatant advertising)functional item , not because it was part of their advertising contract. I doubt we will be collectively gushing over Nadals Astron or bumgardeners stratos in the future. could be wrong but the modern equivalents just don't hold a candle to the watch offerings of the old pioneers. maybe the next generation will view it differently but I can't see it, unless twatter or face crook decide it is important.
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