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Patience with Partridges - BLNR Chances?

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  • Patience with Partridges - BLNR Chances?


    So I’m assuming people here are all familiar with Partidges as the presiding Rolex AD in NZ.

    It’s a big birthday for me in April nex year, and I’ve just ‘joined the queue’ and wait list with Partidges for a GMT Master II - BLNR Blue Black (I’m not as crazy about the Pepsi as others).

    From peoples experience with them here, do you know how regularly they get the sport models in? I.e. I’m trying to manage my patience and determine what are my chances of getting one in time for April?

    Thoughts? / Suggestions?


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    There's also Mansors for Rolex AD. Partridges I've always found pleasant to deal with. No idea how reliable either of them are with waitlist. I presume like all the other ADs they're at the whim of Rolex.
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      asked them to get me a GMT last year. nothing, im guessing that i dont spend enough with them now so im not a valued customer. you can always ask for what you want and something you dont then they will shoot you to the top of the fabled list.
      personally, i wouldnt ask to be on a list for a watch. utter nonsense and hollow hype. the last rolex i bought from them was a james cameron and it was with me in 6weeks, the good old days
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        Not sure about the whole “waitlist” thing. It could be a long wait. NZ is apparently pretty low on the Swiss priority list for meeting orders.
        Obviously a marketing ploy by Rolex with respect to the SS sports watches. Suspect an unintended outcome has been the creation of the watch scalpers, get hold of one, add 10% to the ticket price, flog off on auction sites.
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          Hi - I'm also interested in a BLNR (which would be my first Rolex). A "big" birthday passed recently so I thought of a Rolex and had no idea about this crazy "shortage". Had I known, I would have tried to buy much earlier...Very frustrating. Any thoughts on sourcing either the new Basel model, or a used one? Please let me know, thank you.


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            Great watch the Batman (BLNR) I got a new one few weeks ago. The discontinued Oyster bracelet. Stunning watch all round.


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              Experience with Partridges.. ?

              I've found depending on what is on your wrist , can potentially determine how you are treated and how they view you as a customer

              I've walked into Partridges with an Omega Seamaster on and enquired about a submariner, they took my name and number and while i was writing down the details i was asked if i was a current customer.. basically implying that if i hadn't spent money or enough money with them that i wasn't, how can i say, worthy of enquiring about a submariner, or that i shouldn't be wasting their time. That's the kind of vibe i got. I also wasn't given any info , they just took my name and number.

              I've also walked in with a 2 Tone Rolex Sports on , i was approached and asked if i was after something in particular, i was complimented on my watch, i mentioned what i was after , i was then asked if i was on their waitlist..... AD's don't usually ask if you are on their waitlist.... and if i was potentially interested in a sold gold version of a particular sports model.

              Now it could just be the staff member. i believe the first example was just an ordinary staff member , the 2nd example i would guess the staff member was a partridge family member. This may account for the difference in service, or maybe its whats on your wrist that indicates your not just window shopping.
              I have found you will get good service from a family member of the store as i have bought a watch from another partridge family member at another branch, and i was treated very well, and it was my first watch.

              Experience with Mansors

              While having dealt with Mansors far less , Ive never bought anything from them, except for a Rolex Servicing as they are the Official NZ Service Centre, so the turn around time is quicker (6 - 8 weeks) than Partridges as they send their Rolex serving to the Melbourne service Center i believe (10 - 12 weeks).
              I have found Mansors quite honest and forthcoming with any questions you may have, to the point where i know how many Steel Pepsi GMT's they have had since baselworld release.
              Because does it really matter if you do or don't know how often they come in ? I wouldn't expect this to help you get one quicker from any AD
              They will be honest about your chances of acquiring hard to get pieces , obviously repeat customer will get rewarded first with the opportunity to purchase these hard to get pieces. They don't hide it, its not a secret, its general knowledge everyone knows this happens at AD's
              They wont give you the "O you haven't spent any money with us so why are you asking" vibe, they will just tell you straight up
              They will happily tell you the price on any piece you ask about.

              Even for Servicing ive put a watch in and had David Mansor call me back the next day and, tell me what needs replacing , telling me what i have the options of getting replaced\serviced and what the costs are (bezel, crystal, do you want it polished , light polish, no polish etc..), You can ask what he would recommend and he will tell you

              My family has spent significantly more and Partridges than Mansors

              So in closing , maybe just be selective with your customer service rep in partridges, Mansor's definitely felt more friendly to me and i definitely plan on buying at least 1 watch from them.

              This is just my personal experience though for what its worth , other people may have different opinions.


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                Cocopop thanks for taking the time to write your experiences I found it very informative. I've bought from both and get the same vibes from them.

                I would buy from both again. I had 1 incident where the professionalism and customer service Partridges showed retained me as a customer.

                Mansors feels more chilled and I agree they are very straight up.

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