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Vintage GMT Watches in NZ?

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  • Vintage GMT Watches in NZ?

    As titled... My previous post here alludes to the fact I'm hunting for a new Rolo BLNR, but what with the waitlist extending beyond my birthday, I thought I'd look into the vintage watch scene in NZ and see what's available?

    Any pointers? Locations? Forums?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    you could try some of the boys in the redbar group. there are quite a few with extensive and varied collections who may want to sell or trade.
    check their facebook page for a start or someone here may be in the group.

    good idea to look vintage. a 1968 mk1 just sold on the Omega forum for just under 13k us, which, given the price of the new ones on the speculators market, is a steal!
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      Hi - I'm also interested in a BLNR (which would be my first Rolex). A "big" birthday passed recently so I thought of a Rolex and had no idea about this crazy "shortage". Had I known, I would have tried to buy much earlier...Very frustrating. Any thoughts on sourcing either the new Basel model, or a used one? Please let me know, thank you.