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Seiko SRP639K1 Baby Tuna with black dial and SS shroud.

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  • Seiko SRP639K1 Baby Tuna with black dial and SS shroud.

    I remember trying this on at a Dealers a while ago and for some reason I just knew it was good. I bought one for an insane price which has since purchasing it has gone back up to around the 500 mark like everyone else for this watch.

    Like the baby monster this lume is insane just with the black dial the contrast makes it stick out much more than my Orange baby monster. The dial has silver markers that shimmer... and the Crystal has a nice bevel on it that makes the lume reflect in a almost mystical way.

    And boy is it comfortable to wear. Nav San is not wrong about some observations on the watch about the bezel being quite hard to move but to me this is not such a huge issue since I am much more likely to require the extra protection for the watch with door frames being the favorite target for my gorilla type movement around the house.

    Ill have to take some images soon and post them.

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    Here is a shot of the face It was shot with my old D2Xs my D5100 was stolen last week.

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