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Seiko QC issues

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  • Seiko QC issues

    I have purchased 5 seikos this year, 2 of the 5 have chapter ring alignment issues, they were not cheap either, my Alpinist is the worst. Any one else having issues?

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    Take them back to where you bought them, and get them sorted while still under guarantee.


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      Not at all un-common an issue, have seen this and bezel mal-alignment issues on all sorts of new watches, rolex included... even seen a brand new 60k white gold rollie with a 12pt diamond bezel installed w/the stones at the 30m marks not on the hour (looked ok, still 'even' and took ages for the owner to realise/be told haha)

      Maybe, in store purchasing = loupe inspection / in store service/adjustment = record condition on counter at handover (caseback etc!)

      It's normally a very easy adjustment, were they bought in-store or on-line?


      Good advice

      Originally posted by Horos View Post
      Take them back to where you bought them, and get them sorted while still under guarantee.
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        Seiko QC has dropped off over the last 2-3 years. Real shame as they continue to produce a great range of watches, albeit some of their pricing has increased at an even greater pace than their QC has dropped - not sure how that works!

        That is one advantage of buying in person, rather than online, you can actually check these things. Some online sellers also now say they run an internal QC process to pick up any issues, to minimise the risk of you getting a dud.
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          I kinda drifted away from Seiko when they made the Prospex X so much more prominent. Probably around the time the QA queries poked up. Fact of life really with the massed produced models, although with robotic automation and all that you’d think they could program in that as a QA check if it was truely a concern to Seiko?