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  • Elgin Pocket watch

    Looking for some accurate information on my 1898 Elgin Pocket watch. I know it's a 17 jewel, adjusted, Grade 159 (Not sure what the grade is for) has safety pinion,

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    Hi Sokar1 and welcome. What kind of accurate information are you looking for? The serial number on the movement of your watch gives access to lots of information on the internet, with dedicated sites for American pocket watches. Elgins aren't that familiar to me but using your serial number (7779895??) dates your watch to 1899. Nickel plated, stem wind and set, size 16s, model 7, 3/4 plate 17 jewel movement, grade 159. Elgin produced a total of 9100 watches in 8 runs starting in 1895 and ending in 1899. The grades are levels of quality of finish and jeweling etc. A bit like swiss "calibre" numbers, but to me at any rate, a tad more confusing. :? The safety pinion is a protective device which is designed to isolate the train from the destructive force applied, in the event of a sudden mainspring break or disengage at full wind.
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      What does the grade 159 mean?