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  • Great Grandfathers Watch

    Hi there, just after some help in finding out more about my great grandfathers pocket watch. He was originally from Scotland or he may have bought it once he arrived in New Zealand, I'm really not sure. It still runs and is 14k gold with no makers mark as far as I can tell but the number 41402 is stamped on the inside so I'm not sure if this is a serial number or not as I couldn't find it in any of the online databases I searched. I tried to look into jewels as well and how to tell how many it had but got completely lost so hopefully you can tell this from the pics. It also has Cuivre stamped on the inside but I believe that just means some of the parts are copper, is that right? I would like to get a rough idea of value as well if anyone could tell me as I would like to get insurance for it, I don't suspect it's worth a great deal from what I have seen online but thought you guys might have a better idea. Thanks for your help

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    Unfortunately, we cannot see your pics due to PBs new extortion racket.. you know have to pay for your pics to be viewed on third party sites.. I for one have moved to Tapatalk to post pics here now..
    Tony Lewis
    New Zealand


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      Hi DakotaNZ and welcome to the forum. As Tony has already said, your photos are not showing up. Perhaps you could upload them directly to this site (There is a size limit) Just click on "Attachments" below your next post and follow the prompts. It sounds like you have a nice family heirloom.
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        As others have mentioned please reupload the photos.