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Rolex purchased from Dennis Sarah Kite / sarah1919

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  • Rolex purchased from Dennis Sarah Kite / sarah1919

    I am posting this in the desperate hope that someone out there can provide me with some information about the whereabouts of either Sarah Kite, Dennis Kite or my diamond watch bezel. It is a very long story, but in summary:

    - In Dec 2012 I purchase a ladies steel Rolex watch (with aftermarket diamond bezel and lugs) privately from Dennis and Sarah Kite. At that time they lived in Wanaka, but I understand they now live in Christchurch. I paid $10,000 for the watch, which came with a valuation.
    - I had been very happy with my purchase, but about six months ago I noticed that the supposedly white gold diamond bezel had “yellowed” (I believe the rhodium plating had worn off the yellow gold).
    - I contacted Dennis and Sarah Kite to ask for an explanation and for them to rectify it. They were very slow to respond (having been very efficient to deal with when I initially purchased the watch).
    - After 2-3 months of emails back and forth, Sarah advised me that Dennis had died in early April, but that she would arrange for the watch to be fixed.
    - I stupidly couriered my Rolex to her in Christchurch. She confirmed she had received it, and said it would take 2-3 working days to fix. That was two weeks ago, and despite trying hundreds of times, through many means, I have not been able to contact her. All calls and emails are being ignored.
    - In a desperate state, I called every watchmaker in Christchurch, and finally found that Dennis Kite had dropped my watch off at a reputable watchmaker in Christchurch to have the diamond bezel removed. He can come back the next day to collect the bezel. My watch (minus the bezel) was in the safe at the watchmakers.
    - I was obviously very relieved to have found the watch, but highly confused to hear that Dennis had dropped the watch in, as he has supposedly died six weeks earlier!
    - Since then, neither the watchmaker or I have been able to make contact with the Kites. We both try daily, through both cell phone and email.
    - We have since found out that the valuation that was provided to us by the Kites was in fact forged by the Kites. I called the jeweler in Nelson on the letterhead and he closed his store about 10 months before the date of the valuation.
    - Although we know the watch is safe at the watchmakers in Christchurch, we have no idea where the diamond bezel is. I am hoping it has been taken somewhere to get replated, but we are yet to locate it.

    I have a few questions:
    - Has anyone ever heard of Dennis Kite (also I think known as Dave Kite) or Sarah Kite? They were last known to live in Christchurch. They sold lots of watches on Trade Me under the name sarah1919.
    - Do you know who they might have taken the diamond bezel to, to get it re-plated in white gold? I am guessing that was what they were planning on doing with it?

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    Welcome to the forum abcd. It's a pity it wasn't under more positive circumstances.
    The Trade Me seller your post refers to and the secondhand Rolex watches being sold were the subject of a rather lengthy and at times acrimonious topic a couple of years ago on this forum. The topic was removed at the time following threats of legal action. The TKNZ username of the member who replied on the topic was "davo" and signed himself David but I note the username has had no activity since March 2013 so a PM is unlikely to be of much use.
    Unfortunately I am unable to help with the whereabouts of these people but it has come to the attention of several of our members that you are not the only person looking desperately for these people wanting to followup on emerging matters with these watches.
    Good luck with your search.
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      a peek at their trademe profile shows them as still active online recently and claiming Queenstown as their current location .
      Rest easy Matty , My best Mate and Son


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        I think this is where we are supposed to say "buy the seller" not the watch. An awful lot written about these guys, freely available through the magic of google.
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          Very sorry to hear of your predicament and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention . Including yourself there are now 675 members on this forum so hopefully there are 673 members on your side and that is assumeing that Davo knows exactly where he is but ain't saying. In the past the Sherlocks of TKNZ have tracked down operators to the benefit of agrieved members let's hope it can happen again
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            I too purchased a Rolex watch from the 'Kites' and have lost thousands of dollars as a result! In fact, I purchased two, but used the first to trade in for the second. Towards the end of 2012, I looked up 'Rolex watch' on trade me and saw that 'Sarah1919' was the main seller of Rolex watches, with multiple listings. I contacted her through a car auction she also had and did a private sale for a 1980's Date Just with a yellow gold face and diamond hour markers. I felt safe buying from Sarah Kite, purely from the 100% feedback on trade me from many different users. Anyway, I only wore it a few times and realized the 36mm case was slightly too small for my wrist. Mid 2013 I saw 'Sarah1919' had a Rolex Bi-Tone Submariner with blue face, which was the watch I had always wanted and have pictures of it in a scrap book I made as a child. Sarah Kite agreed to take back the Date Just from me and put it towards the Submariner. I still have all the photos and emails she sent me, assuring the sub was a 2008 model etc. I paid her another $4000 over the next few months, from working hordes of overtime at work to pay for it. After a buyer for the date just failed to pay, it got sold for $300 less and when Sarah K told me this, me being me, I said don't worry and put another $300 in her bank account. With courier fees, all up I paid just over $9000. The sub appeared to be in mint condition and I only wore it twice. In April this year I reluctantly decided to list the sub on trade me, so I could afford to attend my cousins wedding overseas and help save to have a baby. The auction sold for $8995. I paid for flights to Auckland, to hand deliver the watch to the buyer, where having not touched the watch, the rapid date adjustment had somehow stopped working. When Mansors in Auckland then checked the watch, they found it to be a year 2000 model and there was a comment made about the watch having been polished to within an inch of it's life. I was sooooo embarrassed and went straight to a bank to refund my buyer in cash. I had already been trying to contact Sarah Kite for months, about the written valuation she was meant to send me for the submariner, with no reply. I still had the valuation for the date just, which now turns out is a forgery. I still tried emailing Sarah Kite again and again, regarding the issue with the sub, but to no joy (I have found out since also that Sarah Kite has recently emailed other people using the same email address I was using for her). It's meant to have a 24 month warranty. I am also aware of another Sarah Kite customer who purchased a Rolex with diamond hour markers, who got the watch properly checked and found out the diamonds were fake.


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              Again welcome to the forum jac15. Your post is deeply disturbing but sadly does not come as a surprise to many of us.
              Please be assured that over the last 2 years a number of efforts have been made by forum members, particularly one, to raise concerns about these watches.
              However when sales are possibly in the $1 million+ range the stakes were high.
              It was resolved that all we could do was wait until these watches started to surface in AD's etc for servicing or with problems and see what played out. As you can see our worst fears have been realised sadly to the detriment of yourself and others.

              It will be little consolation but thanks for having the courage to speak up about your experience in such a clear and factual manner.
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                Excellent response Steve. Frustrating things like this really do require a "cool head".

                abcd, I know it's a long shot, but you can see sarah1919 has made a couple of purchases recently on TM. Why don't you contact the sellers to ask if they'd be willing to assist with an address (that the items were sent to).
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                  I remember the long lengthy discussion about the seller between members.

                  I think we came to the conclusion that the watch is likely to be sourced overseas and majority have been polished (I don’t think you can find that many mid 80s-90s Rolex to be 99%)

                  According to Trademe, last time she logged in was 4 April 2014.

                  As Richard mentioned, you can try to contact the seller (lenmm) of the goods that she bought.

                  I hope you the very best.


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                    What about involving the Police at this stage ?

                    Using forged documents puts this squarely into the fraudster category. :evil:

                    Sad to see that the worst-case scenario turns out to be correct one here. After all the injured protestations of innocence on the previous thread I started to wonder if we had been a bit harsh, but now I see we weren't nearly harsh enough ! They were merely trying to sucker the entire forum all at once.

                    Thanks to those performing a public service by sharing their story :
                    I look forward to seeing someone (Davo come back!) trying to refute these two well-documented first-person tales. Then we will really see some fur fly !
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                      Hi ABCD and everyone else.

                      You're one of the many victims with these guys Dave Kite aka Paul James Bennett and Sarah Kite aka Simone Shaw, Simone Ann Wright. They're known fraudsters and are currently wanted by Police in NZ, Australia, Europe, London, South Africa.

                      They're still wanted on charges of indecently assaulting a 12 year old and 14 year old girl in Auckland where they failed to appear in Court.

                      Please visit this face book page and this will give you all the public information including stuff from the NZ Police.


                      It shows past and present photos of them.



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                        Here's some photos of them...

                        Attached files


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                          In addition to the above just to help folks out here. Dave Kite also had an alias on trademe under the username easytimes as well as djs25:


                          and the other one


                          If you check the feedback of djs25 you'll see what I mean. Looks like easytimes has been disabled.

                          The reason I'm posting this is that these guys have just ripped one of my friends for just over NZ$500,000 and that is no joke. Also I don't want to see others meet the same fate which ABCD has met and many others.


                          easytimes (59 ) 21/5/11
                          sarah1919 was the seller

                          Wow, what a wonderful watch. Very very happy with this purchase. Watch was exactly as described and superfast delivery. Like a brand new watch. Highly recommend this trader to all. A++++

                          trader responded: 22/7/11
                          Glad you liked the watch, yes it was a beauty alright. When we say its mint, it really is. Enjoy.

                          Ebay associations include:





                          Trademe associations include:




                          Paul James Bennett (54 years, New Zealand) aka Paul James Williams, David Hansen, Paul Lochead, Jim Lochead, James Lochead, Paul Maybury, Paul Mayberry, Davo Kite, Brian Kite, Dennis Kite, David Kite

                          Simone Ann Wright (40 years, Australia) aka Simone Thalia Williams, Simone Shaw, Sarah Kite


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                            In today's Dominion.

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                              ABCD, in the news article posted by Steve there is a number for crimestoppers.. I suggest you ring it and let them know that yourself, among others, have been scammed by these two.. it may be build up a more detailed picture for police of their movements around New Zealand.. you might even want to contact the reporter who wrote article as if any good at investigative journalism may unearth other stuff about them..
                              Tony Lewis
                              New Zealand