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Rolex purchased from Dennis Sarah Kite / sarah1919

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    Charges only relate to forging one Rolex valuation. Seriously?!! So no one out there that bought a dodgy watch off him wants to admit to the possibility it's less than genuine obviously.


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      Has anyone rung Crimestoppers about this prick?


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        Hi All.
        I was the person that contacted the Police regarding the fake valuation. Dennis Kite was using a Nelson jewellers letterhead to make his own valuations (and charging for them),
        I too am surprised that more people didn't come forward.


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          I am not surprised at all. People didn't want to know when it was raised that these people were not quite what they seemed so it doesn't surprise me that there are still people who either don't know they were an victim or don't want to know.
          'I hope, when i die, my wife doesn't sell my watches for what I told her I paid for them.'


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            Ok I not normally one to admit mistakes and to be honest here it’s more embarrassment would be the best way to describe it.

            I purchased two watches off Dennis as I knew him then off TM in 2011 and 2012. Have to be honest and say those two are still going well and hold their current valuation to this date.
            In 2012 I dropped off my Sub Mariner for repair and service. Seemed like a nice guy and he even bought the coffee, certainly knew his watches. Two weeks later he dropped it back off to me repaired and working and beautifully polished looking brand new.
            Was wearing my datejust that day which was my first Rolly and has had a hard life. He mentioned he could give that one a service and polish up also. Passed it to him as I was so impressed with the Sub.

            Couple of weeks later we met again and again my faithful old datejust looked brand new, hadn’t seen it looking that flash for 20 years.

            Now this is where I made my mistake which still give me a kick in the stomach. As I was attending a meeting earlier that day also, I wore my Daytona Cossie which is my significant meeting time piece. ( now I don’t have to explain that you watch nuts one here)

            Dennis asked to look at it and I gladly obliged. His knowledge was right up there and he also noticed the scratches on the band and clasp which had always bugged me. He said he could get rid of those and make it look mint again.
            I know everyone is going to call me stupid and I feel ever so stupid myself but I handed my beautiful Daytona over something even as I write this make me feel sick. Little did I know that was the last time I would see it.

            Two weeks went by and Dennis contacted me to say a Chinese client of his who collects Daytona’s loved it and would like to purchase it. I asked him to give me a week to think as I was working offshore.
            Week went by and I contacted him to ask what was offer on the table. He said he would like to present the Daytona with the case and paperwork to his Chinese client. He said his wife would come around to pick it up off me to make the deal look more attractive.
            Second massive mistake. A attractive blonde lady turned up that afternoon who introduced herself as Sarah Kite apologising that Dennis was feel very under the weather.

            That was the last time I saw anything.

            A month went by and Sarah contacted me as I had been abroad for a while working. She said Dennis was very sick and was having treatment and like any normal person I felt very sorry for even asking about my watch as any normal person would. This went on for a month until I was told Dennis had died. Not wanting to harass someone who had just lost their husband I left it for a month.

            That is where the contact stopped and never heard from them again after constantly trying to track them down, numbers disconnected etc.

            Went to the Police but there was nothing much they could do.
            Once it was discovered who they actually were, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I’d been ripped off and decided very reluctantly to take it one the chin as on big life lesson!

            I’m hoping it will still turn up somewhere but assume it’s overseas now.

            I can tell you right now it still grinds me to this day!


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              Total commiserations Adam. That is one of the darkest stories I have read related to that pair. They were slick con artists. This particular thread is one of several that we had running about them. Unfortunately for legal reasons we had to remove them but suffice to say several members of this forum smelled an immediate rat with this pair.
              I haven't heard what happened with the court cases? Do any members know?

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                Ouch. Sorry to hear that Adam. And welcome to TKNZ.


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                  :evil: Grips me in the proverbial's that tale of woe. Welcome aboard Adam, and thanks for sharing that difficult story. Onward and upward :thumbup:
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                    News from elsewhere:


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                      browsing through Stuff and came across this.


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                        Originally posted by skyline_glenn
                        browsing through Stuff and came across this.
                        Browsing through Stuff?!! You’re a sucker for punishment aren’t you.
                        Good find though. Hopefully ‘Sarah’ faces some justice eventually.


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