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Longines L4.804.2.11.7 self winding watch

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  • Longines L4.804.2.11.7 self winding watch

    I don t think this charitable outfit sales person realises donation was not a genuine item.Link here ...

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    Good spotting, Remiza. ...Sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond to the post before the listing was pulled by TradeMe (good job, TM!). I would have overlooked this one if I had not gone in to see the rest of the listing photos—modern Longines vary so much in styling, in particular their Master and Heritage collections, that replicas like this one does not immediate sound the alarm bells. When I saw your post a few hours ago, the auction was still running, two Qs answered, two not, and the bidding went up to $380 when TradeMe withdrew it.

    I did get grab the image of the movement, however, as I thought this one was interesting (for me, anyway). The watch is, of course, nothing like the Longines model reference L4.804.2.11.7 (, and instead attempts to pass itself off as, I believe, a Longines Master L2.669.4.77.5.

    The authentic one is equipped with what Longines call Cal L651, an automatic chronograph based ETA2894, which itself is a modular chronograph based on the ETA2892 and shares the same appearance from the back. The “Longines” in this TM listing, however, has this movement fitted…

    ...and inscribed “L619.2”, which is actually the name Longines gives to its ETA2892/A2, a three-hander with Date, like the one I had in a Longines Oposition Automatic here…

    As many here would have noted, the 2892 is easily recognized by its oversize oscillating support post at the center of the rotor, and so the movement in the listing is clearly not an off-spring of a 2892. Looking again at genuine L619.2 above, one will spot poking out from underneath the rotor, ETA’s choice of anti-shock device Incabloc with its signature lyre-shaped retaining spring. Just a note here to anyone learning to tell real Swiss ETA movements from replica and clones, neither of the above points are effective differentiators—ETA2892 has a number of 1-to-1 Chinese clones (e.g. Seagull ST18) and Incabloc look-a-likes are found on many rep movements. While clones and replica movements are old news, what got me wondering is the movement inside this fake Longines…

    I’m not a watchmaker, so if another member here how is one could help, it would be appreciated. It looks to me like a fake Seiko 7S26? The interesting feature is what looks like Diashock, and a higher grade 3-leg Diashock retaining spring? ...It would be interesting to see whether the Day sub-dial and what looks to be either an Hour indicator or an independently adjustable 24-hr hand works.

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      I didn't even notice this one when it was up for sale. I'm thinking that the rotor looks like something from the Beijing watch factory perhaps.
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