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Swiss Tourbillon.

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  • Swiss Tourbillon.

    TM Listing 1667173277 - a fine Kintued "genuine Swiss" tourbillon watchman solid rose gold. These sell on DHGate for US$22,and are a crappy Chinese,visible escapement (not tourbillon),plated, watch. Someone is trying a little fraud here.

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    Thank you for pointing it out, Horos. We hope anyone considering to buy a tourbillon will take the time to do their homework and learn to tell one when they see it. This one on TradeMe ( is, as you've kindly pointed out, not a tourbillon, but merely a visible escapement--commonly referred to also as a "flying wheel", and of Chinese origin. While I cannot identify the movement maker, it looks to be a modification of a Shanghai Cal. 2L31, and similar movements have been called different names by different assemblers--R19, H3006, etc.

    Not all Chinese flying wheel movements are bad, however, as this particular contraption is one of the few areas where the Chinese are not just copying Swiss/Japanese technology, but rather re-engineer a portion of the movement. Swiss and Japanese open-heart designs are usually just a dial opening to view the escapement.
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