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LET THE BUYER BEWARE tm: 2220194820

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  • LET THE BUYER BEWARE tm: 2220194820

    Empty suns glasses boxes , Rolex watch box , guess watch box , LV shoe box with shoe bags

    Hi there, could you please photograph the inside of the Rolex box? Also how big is the box? Many thanks
    brookes-dad (1349 1349 positive feedback) 7:15 pm, Sat 6 Jul
    A. Sure 7:18 pm, Sat 6 Jul

    can you show a picture off the booklets that come with the rolex box thanks
    fred226 (246 246 positive feedback) 3:59 pm, Tue 9 Jul
    A. Hi there I’m keeping the booklet only the box thanks 4:00 pm, Tue 9 Jul

    Is the rolex box genuine
    fred226 (246 246 positive feedback) 7:13 pm, Tue 9 Jul
    A. Yes I bought it when I got my Rolex thanks 7:46 pm, Tue 9 Jul

    please oh please tell me what model rolex you bought and from what rolex dealer thanks
    fred226 (246 246 positive feedback) 11:17 pm, Tue 9 Jul
    A. I’m not selling a Rolex watch it’s an empty box thanks 11:43 pm, Tue 9 Jul

    You do know that the Rolex and the box that you purchased are Fake. Therefore please remove the fake Rolex Box from this listing and description.
    stuart8910 (29 29 positive feedback) 2:00 am, Wed 10 Jul
    A. Thank you Rolex police hahahahaha you are funny ! 5:08 pm, Wed 10 Jul

    OMG i know you are not selling a rolex watch, but what you are trying to sell is FAKE ,CLONE empty rolex box
    fred226 (246 246 positive feedback) 5:02 pm, Wed 10 Jul
    A. Mate have a life and leave my listing alone don’t buy and you don’t know if it’s fake or not Hahahaha it’s ok you can save for the next 20 years or sell old stuff so you can offered a Rolex watch I feel sorry for you I think you have so much time in your hands !!!! 5:08 pm, Wed 10 Jul

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    Yup - perfect, more fake boxsets tags & papers on the loose to dupe all those frothing + stupid ROLEX desperado's lol

    You know, it's a joke tbh there's people there who should know better...

    Give up myonlyrolex

    It is a Sham

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