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A ROLEX FAKE tm:2577458008

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  • A ROLEX FAKE tm:2577458008

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    OMG so if he had it checked by a jeweller how come he could not confirm it was genuine

    Ive studied the web but fail to find the exact same watch. Replica or not. Had a jeweller look at it snd it does have the auto movement inside(winds when you shake the watch) he said it wasnt working well but cleaned it out and it appears to run ok now. It kept good time over 24hrs i tested it for. You can wind it manually also. Internally i can hear a fast tick. No serial numbers stamped between pin lugs. The bezel is the part i cant find identical. Having the 15 30 45 on the bezel seems to be hard to find on internet photos anywhere. And if they do have this the colouring is different. Second hand clicks fast, about 4-5 clicks per second watching the hand go round. Please, dont abuse me for pricing, I will adjust it once i learn more, i would like someone to tell me if its poor quality or not. Its dads and im selling it on behalf. Its a heavy watch-132gms. Glass has some surface scratches so new owner might want to clean that up to make it look really nice. Any info would be great. Thanks!
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    The amazing thing is some fool has put a bid of $2000 on it. They probably deserve it!


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      Love to know who, with both the internet & 'jeweller' can't verify this is fake

      44 people are watching, waste of everyone's time

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        I like AD Daytona on the caseback. Nice touch. Must be genuine then?
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